Death in eau de nil

From the crypts of Abney Park, to the desert sands of Egypt, via the Canals of Venice.

Necromancers, Toymakers, and murderers...

Caine, Giselle, Aquilleia, Thorne, and of course Veronique the spoilt Labrador, finally begin their respective and much overdue honeymoons with a trip to Venice followed by a journey aboard a luxury airship to Egypt, and their stay in the most opulent hotel in the world: the Eridanus Grande Eau de Nil...a spectacular and unique hotel built within an ancient Egyptian temple set on a remote island in the River Nile

Also staying at the hotel are another honeymooning couple; Evelyn and André Devereaux...together with the groom's entire family...

When one of the guests is discovered dead at the Temple of Kom Ombo fifty-miles away, they realise that he must have fallen from the airship some days before...but why did no one report him missing?

Who is the mysterious figure watching Evelyn with burning eyes...and her husband Andre with such hate?

And what does the mysterious Captain Anthony Darling have to do with the case?

All this and more will be revealed in Death in Eau de four in the Versipellis mysteries.

Due out Yule 2022

Can be read as a stand alone book.

Coming Soon